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HearthStats makes it simple to keep track of your wins and losses. Take control of your game and learn about your strengths and weaknesses with a full suite of statistics with our completely free webapp.


Win/Loss Tracking

Simple win/loss tracking for both arena and constructed games. Arenas are entered by each arena run and gold/dust amount is also recorded for each run.

Statistical Analysis

After all your games, sit down to review which decks did well against which class. This will allow you to fine tune your deck.


Socially share your profile with your friends and other players to show your win rates, records and best decks.

About HearthStats

Want to perfect your game?

HearthStats makes it easy to pinpoint your weaknesses and strengths. Take the data to easily optimize your deck or arena strategy.

  • Deck win rates vs each class
  • Arena win rates vs each class
  • See how the coin affects your play
  • Learn from other people's decks
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Additional Features


HearthStats looks beautiful on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

News Aggregation

HearthStats will gather Hearthstone news and articles from all over the web into one place.


Join the exclusive HearthStats tournament and league system to win prizes and see how you fare against other players.

Collaborative Data

A large user base allows users to see how each class is doing globally.

Friendly Support

If you have a question, just ask. HearthStat is a tool by the community for the community!

Constant Development

New features are added every week and there are constant improvements.

  • HeartStats improves gaming through unrivaled up to the minute statistical analysis. Anya Kylie, icegirlak
  • Hearthstats gives me that 30,000ft view of my game that I wouldn't trade for anything else. Neil Murphy, Cecil
  • Отличный портал статистики: всё доступно, понятно, удобно и главное информативно. Victor Stanley